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Boiled Peanuts
  Lee Bros.® Fresh Boiled Peanuts (5 lb pack) $36.50
   - with decorative presentation tub option $8.00
  Roddenbery's Canned Green Boiled Peanuts
   - three 7.5 oz cans $12.50
   - case of 24 cans $39.95
   - case of 24 cans CAJUN flavor $39.95
  The Lee Bros.® Deluxe Boil-Your-Own Peanuts Kit $29.50
   - additional lb. of raw peanuts $7.50
  "I BRAKE FOR BOILED PEANUTS" Bumper Sticker, volume discounts automatic $2.00
  HOTBOX!, autographed by Matt and Ted $28.00
  THE LEE BROS. CHARLESTON KITCHEN, autographed by Matt and Ted
   - one signed cookbook $35.00
   - 5 signed cookbooks $157.50
   - 10 signed cookbooks - includes shipping! $280.00
  THE LEE BROS. SIMPLE FRESH SOUTHERN, autographed by Matt and Ted
   - one signed cookbook $35.00
   - 5 signed cookbooks $157.50
   - 10 signed cookbooks - includes shipping! $280.00
  THE LEE BROS. SOUTHERN COOKBOOK, autographed by Matt and Ted
   - one signed cookbook $35.00
   - 5 signed cookbooks $157.50
   - 10 signed cookbooks - includes shipping! $280.00
  Charleston Receipts $22.00
  Lee Bros.® Pickled Peaches (one quart jar) $23.00
  Pickled Green Beans (two 16oz jars) $22.00
  Old South Pickled Brussels Sprouts (two 16oz jars) $22.00
  Old South Okra Pickles (two 16oz jars) $22.00
  Old South Watermelon Rind Pickles (two 10oz jars) $19.50
  Pickled Miniature Tomatoes (two 10oz jars) $19.50
  Lee Bros.® Pickled Jerusalem Artichoke (one 16oz jar) $19.50
  Lee Bros.® Iced Tomato Pickle (one 16oz jar) $19.50
Sweet Preserves
  Mrs. Sassard's Fig Preserves (two 10oz jars) $22.50
  Sassard's Strawberry Preserves (two 10oz jars) $19.00
  Sassard's Pumpkin Chip Preserves (two 10oz jars) $19.00
  Sassard's Peach Preserves (two 10oz jars) $19.00
  Sassard's Blackberry Preserves (two 10oz jars) $19.00
Gift Pack Ideas
  Lee Bros.® Southern Food-of-the-Month $364.00
   - SFOM West of the Mississippi $398.00
  Gift Idea #1: The Purist $64.50
  Gift Idea #2: The Southern Breakfast $49.00
  Gift Idea #3: The Armchair Southerner $58.00
  Gift Idea #4: The Condiment Club $64.00
  Gift Idea #5: The Weekender $74.00
Cane Syrup, Sorghum
  Deaton Sorghum (two 16oz bottles) $22.50
Baked Goods
  Charleston Benne Wafers (two 6oz tubs) $19.00
  Moon Pies (8 pies) $18.50
  Mrs. Sassard's Hot Pepper Jelly (two 10oz jars) $19.00
  Sassard's Artichoke Relish (two 10oz jars) $19.00
  Sassard's Onion Relish (two 10oz jars) $19.00
  Mrs. Sassard's Green Tomato Relish (two 10oz jars) $19.00
  Mrs. Fearnow' s Brunswick Stew (two 20oz cans) $19.00
  Red Field Peas (two 1lb bags) $14.00
  Purple Hull Peas (three 14oz cans) $19.00
  White Acre Peas (three 14oz cans) $19.00
  Dukes Mayonnaise (two quart jars $19.00
Grains and Nuts
  Carolina Gold Rice (one 32oz bag) $18.75
  Whole White Hominy (three 14oz cans) $19.00
  Guilford Stoneground Grits (two 2lb bags) $19.00
  Guilford Stoneground Cornmeal (two 2lb bags) $19.00
  Guilford Hushpuppy Mix (two 2lb bags) $19.00
  Sun Drop
   - 12 pack $19.75
   - case of 24 $32.95
  Royal Crown Cola    
   - 12 pack $19.75
   - case of 24 $32.95
   - 12 pack cans $19.75
   - case of 24 cans $32.95
   - 6 pack bottles $20.75
Barbeque Sauces
  Scott' s Barbecue Sauce (two 16oz bottles) $19.50
  Texas Pete Pepper Sauce (three 4oz bottles) $16.00
  Shealy' s Bar-B-Q Sauce (two 16oz bottles) $19.50
Kitchen Essentials
  Piggly Wiggly Bumper Sticker $3.00
Tee Shirts and Aprons
  NEW! Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen Apron $26.00
  "SIMPLE FRESH SOUTHERN" Tee Shirt $18.00
  Piggly Wiggly Tee Shirt, size S only $28.00

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