Boiling Equipment

Get started boiling on your own! We have everything you need (water, salt and propane not included). Want to make it a party? Purchase our mammoth twelve-gallon cast iron kettle for your community boil.


NEW! Schoolhouse Dipper

This super scooper is the perfect implement for ladling hot boiled peanuts out of the pot. Its wide, 6-inch bowl grabs 4 cups of peanuts and its flat bottom allows it to be set down on the countertop to cool.

  • One 4-cup ladle $22.95

Super-Long Wooden Spoon

Keep your knuckles out of the boil.

  • 27" long, 7/8" handle $9.95


Hand-Cast Iron Kettles

For the ultimate boil. 100-year-old U.S. foundry.

  • 6 gallon kettle $399.00
  • 12.5 gallon $599.00


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